Sign Locators

Brass hexagon locator nuts complete with male and female parts, for the concealed fixing of signs, panels, facias and lettering.
Permitting the removal of signs for maintenance or servicing, our range of locators is available in brass or nickel plated brass for a superior strength and longevity when compared with other imitations.
A medium size (Type 2) cylindrical push-in locator nut assembly is also available in all types and finishes
Ref A Male part complete with M5 studding, 10mm protrusion
Ref B Male part complete with steel 8g x 16mm woodscrew protruding
Ref C Male part complete with internal thread to suit M4 or M5 machine screw (available separately)
Type 1: Large 12mm diameter x 17mm long when closed (M10)
Type 2: Medium 10mm diameter x 12mm long when closed (M8)
Type 3: Small 8mm diameter x 10mm long when closed (M6) (Not available in Ref B; Ref C holds no internal thread)

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